As we welcome students back to town we at Overcomers Assembly will love to share that we are a church that cares about you. The following are some of our members that are students from the famous Queens University here in Kingston. These and some more have found the church to be a family away from home, a place to nurture their faith and to express their purpose. We invite you to join us every Sunday at 11am or at 6.30pm. God bless you!

Toju OToju(PhD ECE ’13)

I have participated in  the Sunday worship services,  the weekly life group meetings and the weekly choir rehearsals at church  and I serve on the technical team as well as the worship team.  I enjoy a satisfying combination of worship, open and interactive fellowship, and a good for teaching and discussion of the word.

Choosing a church in Kingston was a bit difficult, my priorities was to find a place where teaching the scripture takes primary importance, and there are varieties of activities/events for spiritual growth. At Overcomers Assembly, there is an emphasis on encouraging both new and old believers on living through the Word. However, the clincher for me was a sensation of peace in my spirit that I am in a place of fellowship where God wants me to be at this time.

Fortunately at an early age, I was taught that all of the earthly things we pursue are of little significance when compared to our souls and the value God has placed on us. This is why I was able to pursue spiritual growth with the ever busy university schedule. And as a result Since student life can reach peaks of activities that get quite burdensome, the understanding that God loves me,  cares for me and is working with me through the most challenging periods has brought great strength and encouragement as a result of my pursuit of God. Faith from the word of God has motivated me to great success most times.

Dami ADami (MEng ECE ’12)

I serve in the worship ministry, playing drums and bass guitar which has been a great experience in worshiping God and bringing the church to the heart of worship. I recently joined the church’s softball team for the Kingston church softball league which has been a great experience all together.

One expectation I had in choosing a home church was that the church ministry should be built upon Bible principles. After studying the church for a while I decided to stay because I saw the heart of love that the church members have for one another and everything that goes on in the church never contradicts the Bible.
Based on God’s words that says: “seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing shall be added unto thee…” I knew that for me seeking God about everything included being involved in going to church, attending life group, praying, and reading His word. I decided to trust God on His words so that He may take care of my studies.

I could remember in my first term, I resumed pretty late and catching up was a challenge throughout the term. God gave me swift understanding to survive those courses. He has promised to make us wiser than our teachers. Therefore going through the academic program with God’s spirit gave me an assurance that all will be well.


Kiran (MSc Env. Sc. ’12)

Though I have not been able to serve on the teams at church fully, I have participated in the Sunday service,  the student life group meetings and the games nights. I will love to serve in church as the opportunity arises.

One thing I love about Overcomers Assembly is that the life lessons at the Church guides me towards the right path. I always feel I belong in spite of coming from a culturally different background to many others and it helps me keep myself motivated! I am very grateful for this Church and for the friendships I found there.

What I was looking for was to find motivation and solace and I think I found that!! Thanks to everyone that has been there to help me in one way or the other.

My interest started when I was feeling so de-motivated particularly towards my academic goals and I realized having some spiritual growth will definitely help me. I know I was selfish here but it changed my perspective on a lot of things and again I thank you all for that!

The relationships that I have developed here at church have been very helpful to me and I continue to receive motivations to proceed on my path.


Philip (MSc Geology. ’11)

I have been involved in so many activities at Overcomers Assembly but I serve fully in the Audio visual department of the Church, doing video recordings for all church activities

Personally what I wanted was a Church that knows how to harmonize both physical and spiritual well being of a Christian and Overcomers Assembly has been living up to expectations and that’s why it’s been home for me.

I believe that the spiritual growth of a Christian should not be traded with busy life because it’s only the inspiration of the almighty that gives understanding. I find an appreciable level of spiritual growth in church and life group meetings as well

My decision to maintain a spiritual focus has help me a lot because God has given me a sound mind to face my academic challenges through spiritual growth.


Yuki OYuki (PhD Chem Eng ’11)

The following are some of the programs at that I have participated in at church Life Group meetings, retreats, men’s monthly meetings, programs such as Eagles Convention, Baptism and Picnics. I serve in the audio visual department of the church. Serving in the Church has helped me to grow in many areas of my life.

What I wanted in a church was that the teachings of that church must be in line with the teachings of Christ and the way of life of the people must mirror that of Christ. As soon as I found this I stayed at Overcomers Assembly.

I realized that my spiritual growth has actually helped me to put every area of life into perspective and so I don’t waste time on activities that are not needful.  I am becoming more goal-oriented by the day and my goals are becoming clearer by the day.

As a result of my decision to allow God to take over my academic program, I found that I have this a certain calming confidence. Now I know for sure that it makes sense to surrender to God to take control of every area of our lives, which includes our academic pursuit and He never lets us down.